• Sex Buyer Experience (Eve-Marine Joly - Day for Night Productions, France)
  • Griffin (Sarah Arnaud - Webspider Productions, France)
  • The Werewolf Experience (Christopher Morrison - Reality+, Belgium)



The 3D Film Booster (3DFB) is designed to help independent producers that have projects for innovative 3D contents to give an impulse to these projects. 3DFB can help these producers to find financing and to reach their market and audience. Contents can be films, VR, 360°, etc., all with a 3D flavor.

3DFB is limited to a small number of participants to ensure personal coaching and strong interaction within the group of participants and coaches. 3DFB extend over three days and has the following two main phases.

First, through interactive lectures, participants get information deemed useful (1) for their projects, in particular the latest insights and trends about the 3D film industry & market, the VR revolution, and transmedia storytelling, and (2) for preparing their pitch to potential co-producers and investors.

Second, in light of the above, and in close interaction with the coaches, each participant improves his/her project, prepares a project presentation, and pitches it to a panel of potential co-producers and financiers. By pitching their project, participants have a chance to win the Best Project & Pitch Award.

We wish 3DFB to rapidly become known as the place in the world where holders of innovative 3D content projects in development can, at the end of the event, go home with the perspective for appropriate funding to complete their project.

3DFB is organized in collaboration with Sylvain Grain, a renowned 3D expert and award-winning producer.

Whom for?

Independent producers who have a 3D content project in development (film, VR,...) and who wish to give their projects impulses to get financing and to reach their market and audience.

How to participate?

The 1st step is to submit one or more projects by the deadline. Then, if a project is accepted, the 2nd step is to participate to the booster; participation implies prior registration. The booster is exclusively reserved to the holders of accepted projects. The number of participants is limited to about 10.


Information for submitting producers



  • As an ice-breaker, start by presenting your 3D content project to fellow participants and international coaches.
  • Develop your understanding of the 3D industry, 3D market, and latest trends - including 3D VR/AR, 360°, cinematic VR, and transmedia storytelling - through small-group, highly interactive, straight-to-the-point classes and one-on-one contacts with coaches.
  • By building on your newly acquired, state-of-art information, sharpen and perfect your 3D content project.
  • Develop your soft skills, in particular the art of convincingly pitching and communicating through combined speech and visuals.
  • Pitch your project to a jury of potential partners, co-producers, investors, and buyers, thereby also competing for the Best Project & Pitch Award!
  • Develop your network of contacts and develop new business opportunities through the many socials of Stereopsia: coffee & lunch breaks, networking events, and awards evening.
  • Promote your talents and projects through a variety of tools, including social media.

Program & schedule

The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program & schedule at any time.


You'll find below the list of projects (in alphabetical order) and project holders:

This is the story of a group of people who find themselves in a limbo between fiction and reality. They don‘t know how they got there and they start looking for answers. After a few failed attempts, they find the audience! Weren't they doing all this for them? They start taking revenge, which leads the whole experience to start all over again. But this time, something is different...

Freiheit is a thematic journey of sacrifice and hope told by a young Jewish boy entering a concentration camp during World War II. With his mother by his side, we follow the traumatic events that threaten their survival and their hope to stay together.

Griffin is a political and poetical tale, exploring the topic of cultural and art razing in a totalitarian regime. The story takes us to a fantasized Paris, where the young Noah witnesses, powerless, the blast of the city and its inhabitants by the mysterious men with black scarf. On his journey, Noah will prove resilient, facing this dark army and giving back to the city its colour and humanity.

We are inside an old colonial house. It is a large space where faces disappear in the gloom. Voices whispering and arguing without order, until a sudden silence. Sounds of sirens and people walking outside. We managed to distinguish adults running through the corridors. Two women walk with a group of children and disappear by a small door. With the light of tiny lanterns, men and women begin to make-up with pocket mirrors. They look like refugees. A solitary song is heard, first of a woman, then of a man. Their voices come together and gradually transform into a powerful choral chant. Sunrise is approaching. Violent knocks on the windows. The police violently penetrates the house.

“Muse of the Underworld” is a 15-minute, virtual reality (VR) opera based on the half-woman, half-bird sirens of Greek mythology, who used their beautiful voices to lure sailors to their deaths. This unique hybrid creature and the seaside atmosphere would be difficult to duplicate on a theater stage, but through the use of VR, we transport an audience into the world of the story where the mythical is made real.

I am invited to stroll in interactive virtual reality, inside the space and memory of covered passages (arcades). I am a photographer. Witness of a murder, I decide to investigate. My lazy stroll suddenly becomes an adventure. Paris, Milan, Moscow, Brussels... My route will jumble together different temporalities in a labyrinth of Passages in the XIX and XXth centuries. I will cross paths with different events and with real life characters such as Hugo, Dostoyevsky, Dumas... as well as other fictional ones. I will have to make choices.

The clouds above you part, revealing a full moon and your horrifying transformation begins. You must hunt the glorious white stag to satiate your hunger. You are a werewolf, and the townspeople are coming for you. The Werewolf Experience is an immersive cinematic 3D VR content, with a unique interactive element: the player must use its own voice to howl, in order to trigger decision points throughout the event.


You'll find below the members of the jury and the experts (by alphabetical order). By clicking on a name, you'll see the corresponding short bio. The list is updated periodically. Stay tuned!


Voyelle has been engaged in digital and interactive content for the past 17 years with production companies, creative studios, commercial and public broadcasters. In 2011, she became Deputy Head Digital Storytelling and Transmedia, in charge of original web creation, & transmedia developments for all France TV branches. She recently started her own consulting company to accompany producers and authors with digital creative content, with a focus on international projects related to interactive media and digital storytelling.


Louis Cacciuttolo is the founder of VRrOOm, a media platform dedicated to VR and published in 3 languages. Website "" is one of the most influent one about VR worldwide. Former Vice-President of THX and former CEO of Ogilvy and Saatchi agencies in Asia, Louis is also the author, director and producer of VR short-film "The Last Footprint", nominated to Animaze festival and presented at Cannes Film Festival 2017.


Guy Daleiden started his professional career as a civil servant in 1990 when he joined the office of the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, and he has been managing director of Film Fund Luxembourg since 1999. He is Vice-President of the European Film Agency Directors (EFADs) Association and sits on the Boards of the Luxembourg Film Academy, EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs), and Luxembourg City Film Festival.


Graduated from Université Paris 8 with a Master's degree in "Arts and Technologies of Digital Images", Sylvain Grain is one of the well-known specialists of the European stereoscopic-3D cinema community. Award-winning producer of several IMAX 3D documentaries ("Sea Rex", "D-Day Normandy 1944"), he is now developing 3D projects between Latin America and France through his company Raki Ltda. in Chile. Sylvain Grain is also president of UP3D and a funding member of the 3D Guild.


Marine Haverland has been working in the film industry since 2008. After having been in charge of project development at Versus production, she founded in 2012 Aura Films, a new-media production company. Marine has also organized conferences and training for transmedia projects, and co-founded the Liège Web Fest, the 1st transmedia, webseries, & digital arts festival in Belgium. She is now in charge of VR, gaming, and new media at, programs the VR Experience Festival, and does a monthly column about VR for the Belgian French speaking radio, RTBF.


Sönke Kirchhof is CEO and executive producer of award winning Full Service VR Studio INVR.SPACE. He works in the fields of VR, stereoscopic filmmaking, VFX and CGI as well as Research & Development in arts and technology since more than 15 years. He is also
founder of reallifefilm international, working as Producer and Stereographer. At INVR.SPACE he is in charge of all business related operations and decides on creative and technologic approaches.


Michael produced and directed commercials, music videos, and on-air promos for Disney Interactive. He later joined Fox Family Channel as their VP of Special Projects and Live Events. After the Fox Family channel was sold to Disney, he began producing reality shows for NBC, E!, and Fox Reality. He managed a team that programmed all the social media channels. Michel now works with the Advanced Imaging Society and AR/VR Society.


Maren has been part of the Sola Media team for 3 years. Starting with the Delivery Management, she is also Acquisition Coordinator and always looking for new projects and new developments in the international material requirements. Sola Media is a world sales agent specializing in high-quality children's films and family entertainment with a strong focus on animation features for the big screen.


Ivan Maucuit is the CEO of Neotopy, a cinematic VR studio based in Paris.  For the past 15 years, he has been working as sound mixer and documentary director. With Neotopy, Ivan has co-produced for ARTE 360:  "Expédition Antarctica" directed by Luc Jacquet and Jeanne Guillot, "Mozart 360°" directed by Colin Laurent , "The sharks Pack" directed by Manuel Lefevre and Frédéric Gourdet. He’s currently developing two others VR experiences for the French-German broadcaster. In addition to these narrative productions, he also produces VR films for major brands.


After completing a Master's degree in Cinema and English studies, Maxime Montagne worked in International Sales for two years and joined WIDE a year ago. WIDE is a leading independent sales company currently representing more than 20 new feature films a year and a library of more than 500 fiction titles and 300 documentaries represented by the joint-venture WIDE HOUSE. Currently, his work is focused on managing VR Festivals and finding new offline and online partners for WIDE VR Experiences in a fast growing and changing industry.


Olivier Piasentin is cofounder of Nexus Forward, Nexus Factory’s VR and innovative content division. Former business affairs in film financing, he has worked on several international features and as advisor to equity financier. Enthusiastic about new media and their impact on narrative, his venture with Nexus Forward is to bring his expertise in entertainment financing and IP licensing into VR and game projects.


With 25 years of experience in audiovisual post-production, Alexandre REGEFFE is now consultant in VR. He helped building the VR services at SYLICONE company and is collaborating on the development of NEOTOPY company. With skills in VR compositing and FX on After Effects, he's specialized in creating post-production workflows for Cinematic VR. Alexandre considers himself as a VR evangelist and


Stay tuned for possible date changes below.


Key events & corresponding dates for 3DFB 2017

Issuance of Call for projects19 May 2017 (Fri)
Deadline for submitting projects

15 September 2017 (Fri) NEW 30 September 2017 (Sat)

Notification of acceptance/rejection16 October 2017 (Mon)
3DFB (Brussels, Belgium)10-13 December 2017 (Mon-Thu)
Networking reception12 December 2017 (Tue)
Awards dinner (Brussels, Belgium)13 December 2017 (Wed)


SAVE THE DATE for Stereopsia 2018: 5-7 Dec 2018, BOZAR, Brussels, Belgium