This new Thematic Conference is one of many featured by Stereopsia on hot or emerging themes in immersion and XR.

With a nominal duration of 1.5 hour, and with presentations and a panel by a handful of world experts, this short & dynamic professional conference will efficiently bring you up to speed on this theme and its opportunities.

International companies may find it strategically useful to sponsor/adopt this innovative, straight-to-the-point conference.


Let’s face it! For centuries, books, music, & movies have accustomed viewers to just watch the story & possibly reflect about it, and this is true today for cinematic VR based on pre-recorded real-life or synthetic image streams. Viewers cannot participate in the story or influence it; they have no sense of agency. By contrast, video games are highly interactive and designed to ease fast interaction & to challenge the viewer.

This conference examines the limitations of most current cinematic VR experiences, & how game engines are coming to its rescue. The challenge for interactive storytellers is immense. They must preserve the empathy & suspension of disbelief of cinema, provide the interactivity & sense of agency of games, and guide a possibly intimidated viewer in its actions.


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