Stereopsia gives your company the opportunity to present your immersive contents or technologies in an exhibition area, which will be the main coffee and lunches breaks area during the event.
Stereopsia is the perfect place to show your innovative content or technologies to hundreds of worldwide professional participants.
As the rest of the event, the exhibition will take place at BOZAR. See Venue.
The exhibition area can accommodate approximatively 15 booths, depending on the size of each booth.

When & where?

The exhibition area of Stereopsia will be open to visitors and attendees from Monday, 11 December at 5.00 pm to Wednesday, 13 December at 5.00 pm.
Booths set-up will take place on Monday, 11 December from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Whom for?

Companies with products, technologies or contents in the following sectors are welcome in the exhibition area of Stereopsia: 3D visualization (stereo) in all sectors, 3D cinema, Cinematic VR, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D sound,…



The minimum size is 4 sqm and the maximum is 24 sqm.
Booth walls, booth signage and power supply will be provided.
Additional furniture (table, chairs, lighting, plants, …) can be added later on via the Exhibitor Manual, in September 2017.


All prices are in Euros. 21% VAT is applicable for Belgian companies and European companies without a European VAT number.
Each booth booking will give you 2 Passes to the Professional Conference.

Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Economy of the Walloon and Brussels-Capital Regions, all companies located in these two regions of Belgium will get a 30% discount on the below fees.

4 sqm 890 EUR
9 sqm 1390 EUR
12 sqm 1590 EUR
18 sqm 1990 EUR
24 sqm 2590 EUR

How to book?

To book a booth, please fill in this Order Form, and send it to
Please, indicate your preferred area on the exhibition map here above. We will take it into account if available, and confirm the total amount. Once we have received the full payment, your booth will be confirmed.


You will find below the list of confirmed exhibitors.


With more than 10 years experience in Stereoscopic 3D, Cow Prod has become one the world’s reference in the industry. Our expertise is put to use by 2D producers, from the biggest studios so smaller local companies. To view 3D content for yourself, feel free to get in touch with us.


Welcome to the Digital Era, where consumers can make or break brands. That's why Emakina's digital natives continually adapt their services to new and emerging technologies, seek out challenges and help clients build a strong bond between their brand and their consumers.


INVR.SPACE GmbH was founded in 2015 by producer and stereographer Sönke Kirchhof, who is also founder & CEO of reallifefilm international GmbH. Whereas reallifefilm´s expertise lies in visual and stereoscopic storytelling, INVR was brought to life as a full service studio focusing on VR. INVR is working creatively on self-developed, immersive projects as well as serving and supporting clients. INVR.SPACE has a vast amount of gear and knowledge to produce and postproduce VR content. While focusing on 360° filmmaking for VR by producing 360° video in 2D and S3D, spacial and binaural audio production is also used. 


IMMERSIO is an interactive and immersive experience plunging the participant in a living dream, in a world deriving from reality to abstraction, in a universe that questions the place of the body and its perception in a numeric space.


Nozon is a post-production facility delivering high quality visual effects, 3D animation and fully immersive 360° CG movies. Since 1998, Nozon had grown steadily to become a well-known reference thanks to their artistic approach and strong R&D department. In 2015, Nozon presented a revolutionary technology for immersive movies, called PresenZ. It is a proprietary new VR film format that allows for true presence when viewing motion media. PresenZ can achieve the same visual fidelity audiences are used to in a feature film and pre-rendered animation. PresenZ is both the true VR film format and the platform that will contain all PresenZ media.


With our immersive experiences in VR and AR for real estate and smartcities, you can win over, inform and share more effectively and faster. Save time and access new opportunities. Your life will be made easier thanks to a single point of contact for creating and managing your immersive experience, ie. the media content, app and any necessary equipment. You will be able to monitor and receive direct updates on your project/solution via our collaborative platform.


OneBonsai is a Brussels-based agency creating Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences. We design custom solutions and provide consultancy for companies, entertainment, the public sector and NGOs. Our activities are split into the Design and Development stages. Firstly, we conduct a design sprint with our client, i.e. a three-day workshop where we build a production-ready VR/AR project based on the client’s specific needs & ideas. During these three days, we work with the client to answer all its critical business questions through designing, prototyping and testing the ideas. This sprint-based approach helps crystallizing the project scope in a fast and effective manner and drastically improves the speed to develop the actual project. Secondly, we oversee a team of seasoned VR/AR artists and developers who are able to develop a VR/AR project from the ground up.


We create tailor-made 360° videos and immersive contents. We foresee and oversee all step of VR film production all over Europe. We have offices in Brussels, Belgium and Valencia, Spain.
We provide 360° live coverage of concerts, conferences or any other event worth being live 360°.
We organise VR events with google cardboards, VR gears and syncing applications for the best cinema VR experience possible.


SoftKinetic, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation, is a leader in 3D vision and gesture recognition technologies. The company, located in Belgium and the USA, delivers state-of-the-art solutions in the field of 3D sensing and processing, in particular for “natural interfaces”. These include CMOS 3D Sensors, 3D camera reference designs,  SDKs, algorithms and applications for gesture recognition, object scanning, automotive control and AR/VR. With over 9 years of R&D on both hardware and software, SoftKinetic solutions have already been successfully used in the fields of automotive, interactive digital entertainment, consumer electronics, health care and other professional markets (such as digital signage and medical systems).


Immersive Sound. We design, mix and build audio for VR/AR video games and immersive experiences. We work with the best sound designers and 20+ high-end studios to create stunning 360/3D sound! We work with major companies such as Starbreeze, Okio or Mikros.
We have also developed a bunch of technologies:
- An algorithm that improves sound immersion by simulating the "cocktail party effect" in a VR experience.
- A Microphone Positionning System that tracks microphones in real-time to mix it in 360 sound.
- An audio-only VR/AR headset for large-scale immersive experiences.


With more than 10 years’ experience, t-heater has become a trusted HR partner for all animation and 3 D companies with temporary and project staffing. What do we do? We become the legal employer of your temporary/project staff and handle all HR & Employment aspects: planning, drafting contracts, payments, social security, work permits, legal issues... The services we provide our clients are made-to-measure, designed to meet specific industry needs. Relax and let us care of you contracts and payments.


Website presents SYNK. SYNK is a platform that facilitates the 3D workflow between Animation, Gaming and VR. The SYNK Platform allows you to seamlessly transfer entire 3D environments and assets from your favourite 3D application to game engines. We greatly accelerate your workflow, opening a world of opportunities for VR and real time visualisation.The main benefits are cost efficiency (expand your output in games, apps and VR at very low production cost), visualisation (online WebGL tool allows visualisation for tech team, creatives and clients), and optimisation of 3D workflow (reduce communication clutter and guarantee a unified graphical look & feel on all platforms).


Vigo Universal S.A., specialized in new digital technologies, was funded in 2011 by Christophe Hermanns, a computer engineer and programmer with a flare for innovation. Expert in the 3D universe, the society develops innovative and original concepts which involved technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, gesture recognition, 3D scanning and printing…Vigo Universal also acts as IT consultancy, accompanying its customers from the simplest to the most challenging request with a real expertise.
The company has its own virtual reality catalog in which more than 10 various experiences are available for lease for any occasion. These applications are developed beforehand by an internal team composed by programmer and 3D designer.


With an emphasis on using the best ‘tools for the job’, Vision3 explores how all forms of the latest 3D techniques (including native 3D filming, post conversion, stereo rendering and hybrids of all three) can be used to present a new way to tell stories and enhance the excitement and impact for audiences.
Built around the 30 years of stereo 3D experience that Chris Parks and Angus Cameron have between them, the company was formed in 2008 with the objective of working directly with the Studios, production teams and key heads of departments in ensuring that 3D adds genuine benefit and value to the Director’s narrative and stylistic intention.
Beginning in pre-production and continuing through to delivery, Vision3 provides the central voice of authority for 3D - working in cooperation with the camera, editorial, VFX and design departments.


I’m sure you all remember the Sci-Fi movie Matrix where Neo, the main character, had to make a choice: blue pill or red pill. You, as a viewer, had no choice but to follow the story of Neo taking the red pill and discovering the real world, created by the machines to control humans. But what if you, as a viewer, wanted to take the blue pill, make a different decision? Stay in the Matrix, this made-up dream-world and live a “perfect” life?

Now you can! All you need is our revolutionary tool Virtelio, a user-friendly tool for Mac & PC that enables you to create and experience interactive the VR & 360° movies of the future. No coding required. At realab, we believe in the power of immersion of 360° and VR experiences.

That’s why we decided to base our interactivity on unconscious decisions. Unconscious decisions: What does this mean? Well you as a viewer you will put on your glasses, watch the experience and the way you watch can influence the story. But you will never know that you created your very own version based on your personal interests.


Visyon is an award-winning digital services company providing immersive experiences through emerging technologies, interactive production and content creation.
At Visyon egde, we experiment with the latest technologies to provide extraordinary experiences through visual immersion and sensorial interaction.
Visyon is an expert at recording events with an immersive touch. With our360 cameras, we can cover any sort of activity and transmit it on different platform to provide a live 360 broadcast.



For all related information regarding the exhibition area, please contact: or +32 (0)4 229 27 52.


Come and take a dive with the IMMERSIO demo !

IMMERSIO is an interactive and immersive experience plunging the participant in a living dream, in a world deriving from reality to abstraction, in a universe that questions the place of the body and its perception in a numeric space. The participant enters alone in a black 3X3 cube. He is equipped with virtual reality goggles and an audio headset. For fifteen minutes, he experiences a “dive” in a drifting virtual universe.
Registered participants will have priority.

SAVE THE DATE for Stereopsia 2018: 5-7 Dec 2018, BOZAR, Brussels, Belgium