Submission form for the Awards competition of Stereopsia

To submit your entry, perform ALL 3 steps below:

  1. fill in the form below;
  2. check that your 3D content meets the technical specifications listed near the bottom of the form before sending this content;
  3. send your 3D content electronically or physically.

One separate form must be filled and submitted for each entry/content. All contents must be 3D.

Below, "*" indicates that it is mandatory to provide the information requested.

The organizers will assign each entry to the appropriate category of Lumiere Award. Please indicate the nature of the entry to ensure proper assignment.

Content description

Title of the movie in the original language

Title of the movie in English

Technical Data
Contact person (if different from producer or director)
Authorizing person

By submitting this entry form, the authorizing person acknowledges and certifies that he/she has any and all required permissions and rights to enter the present content into the Awards competition of Stereopsia.

By submitting this entry form, the authorizing person also commits not to withdraw the present content from the Awards competition of Stereopsia.

Means of delivery of data
Please be aware that
  • 3D content for cinema MUST be 3D DCP or high definition side-by-side. (NO BluRay).
    DCPs will be read from PC-formatted servers (not Macs). Please, make sure that your drive is appropriately NTSF formatted.
  • 3D content for TV: MUST be side-by-side.
  • 3D content for VR: MUST be MPEG4 side-by-side (_LR) or top-bottom (_TB). If applicable, you MUST provide the app.

You'll find in our confirmation email all the information you need to access your private area on our FTP host/server.
To access the FTP server, you must use an "FTP client" installed on the machine you wish to use for upload. One solution is to use FileZilla Client. Specifically, you cannot upload via a browser.

If you opted for physical delivery, please fill out the physical support return form.

After pressing the "submit" button below, please look into your incoming email box for a confirmation message from us. Please, allow some time for the email message to arrive, and check the place where your spam usually goes. If you do not see this message, please contact us so you can complete the submission process.

If you opted for electronic delivery of your data, the confirmation email will contain the necessary information for you to access your private FTP area.

Once you have received the confirmation email, you should proceed with the delivery of the content/data, either electronically or physically, according to your choice of means of delivery above.

IMPORTANT: For the various screenings (jury, screenings during event, and Awards ceremony), we will ask you for the appropriate KDMs. Please, be prepared to provide them quickly.

If you have any question, please contact us.

SAVE THE DATE for Stereopsia 2018: 5-7 Dec 2018, BOZAR, Brussels, Belgium