Submission deadline

15 September 2018

Notification of acceptance or rejection

12 October 2018

Awards ceremony

7 December 2018

On behalf of the Advanced Imaging Society based in Hollywood, CA, Stereopsia organizes - for the 7th consecutive year -  the competitions for the “Lumiere Awards” for the territory consisting of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

The golden statuettes are awarded to the best 3D contents for 3D cinema, 3D TV, and 3D cinematic VR.

How to participate

Submitting a content has never been easier!
Interested producers simply need go to press the SUBMIT YOUR CONTENT button, which will guide them step-by-step. If you have any question or difficulty, please contact Alexandra Gerard and she'll be delighted to help you. There is no fee for submitting an entry.

The submission deadline is 15 September 2018.



Eligible contents

To be eligible for submission, a content must meet all of the following conditions:

  • the content is a 3D content for cinema, TV, or VR (whether native or animated, or both); and
  • the content was first officially exhibited, aired, or equivalent in the period of one year ending on 31 Aug of the year of the current Stereopsia, i.e., in the period from 1 Sep 2017 to 31 Aug 2018 for the current (2018) edition (which avoids overlaps and gaps from one year to the next); and
  • the content is provided according the requirements (including formats) specified in later articles.

The above implies that a content submitted to a prior edition of Stereopsia (or its predecessor event 3D Stereo MEDIA) is no longer eligible.
The Organizers reserve the right to reject entries/contents that are not compatible with the general spirit of Stereopsia.


To help the Organizers place an entry in the proper (sub)category, the tenderer is requested to provide in the Submission form the broad category of his/her entry/content, i.e. one of

  • 3D content for cinema
  • 3D content for TV
  • 3D content for VR

Based on this information, the Organizers will then tentatively place each submitted content in the most appropriate (sub)category, e.g. 3D movie short or 3D advertisement.
Based on all entries received, the jury will determine the final list of categories and assign the winning contents to them.

Content and format to be submitted

Right from the start, the tenderer must provide the full content.
For each of the above, broad categories, the format of this content must be as follows:

  • 3D content for cinema: MUST be 3D DCP. CANNOT be BluRay. DCPs will be read from PC-formatted servers (not from Macs). Please, make sure that drive is appropriately NTSF formatted.
  • 3D content for TV: MUST be side-by-side.
  • 3D content for VR: MUST be MPEG4 side-by-side or up-down. If applicable, the app MUST be provided.


  • Blu-rays are NOT accepted under any circumstances.
  • DCPs will be read from PC-formatted servers (not Macs). Please, make sure that your drive is appropriately NTSF formatted.
  • For DCPs, it is up to the tenderer to make sure that the Secretariat receives, well ahead of time, the KDMs required to play the DCPs during the screening(s) by the jury and the Awards ceremony if his/her entry wins.

The Organizers will eliminate from the competition any entry with content that cannot easily be played on standard equipment available at the place where the jury meets.
For any content that is not in English or French, the content must be subtitled or dubbed in any one of these two languages.

Financial conditions

There is no fee for submitting an entry to the Awards Competition.
All the costs related to the submission are the responsibility of the tenderer of the content, including for the return of the support in the case of physical delivery of the data. The tenderer can recover his physical data support (USB key or hard-disk) from the Secretariat during the opening hours of the registration desk during the Stereopsia event, provided he/she makes such a request at the time of submission.
Neither the Organizers nor Stereopsia will pay for any of the travel expenses of the tenderer and/or winners.
For each winning entry, one (1) person listed on the corresponding entry form will be invited free of charge to the ceremony where the awards are given out. Any other person related to this entry and wishing to attend the ceremony should contact the Secretariat to register for it, which also implies payment of the corresponding fee.


Download the regulations (full version)

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