7 December - 1:30PM

Today’s single most important issue in XR - and the least flashy - is that developers have an increasingly hard time to keep up with the proliferation of new HW & SW. Imagine a new app, e.g. a game, that must run on Unity, Unreal, WebVR, & other proprietary engines, and that has to work with Daydream, Oculus, Steam VR, etc., & use a variety of I/O devices such as controllers & haptics: today this involves writing as many pieces of code as there are combinations.

This short conference presents the emerging OpenXR standard, which solves this problem by providing a new API, with Application Interface & Device Layer. It is being developed by the American, non-profit Khronos Group, which includes over 120 members (industrial & academic). Last August, SIGGRAPH 2018 featured the first two OpenXR demos.

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