This new Thematic Conference is one of many featured by Stereopsia on hot or emerging themes in immersion and XR.

With a nominal duration of 1.5 hour, and with presentations and a panel by a handful of world experts, this short & dynamic professional conference will efficiently bring you up to speed on this theme and its opportunities.

International companies may find it strategically useful to sponsor/adopt this innovative, straight-to-the-point conference.


Did you purchase a codec or other software tools to spatialize the sound of your XR project, only to discover that it did not do what it said it could do, or that you could not integrate it? Do you wish to avoid such a mishap in an up-coming project? Then, this nuts-&-bolts conference will show you the path to spatial-3D-sound success.

The conference reviews the main types of 3D sound spatialization techniques, i.e. with loudspeakers (Ambisonics, WFS) or headsets (binaural recording), and then focuses on the latter case, where ā€œ3Dā€ sound is produced through dummy-head recording or its simulation via digital signal processing (DSP) & HRTFs. The conference includes live demonstrations of step-by-step implementations of spatial 3D sound solutions, and of the resulting effects.


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The detailed program will be available here this summer. Stay tuned.

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