This new Thematic Conference is one of many featured by Stereopsia on hot or emerging themes in immersion and XR.

With a nominal duration of 1.5 hour, and with presentations and a panel by a handful of world experts, this short & dynamic professional conference will efficiently bring you up to speed on this theme and its opportunities.

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In 2010, 3D range/distance imaging reached consumers through the Kinect. In 2015, this technology became available in 360° with the OZO. Today, rather than using several small, 2D cameras mounted spherically around a point & looking outward, the tendency - called volumetric imaging - is to use a gigantic, “cylindrical” gantry of high-quality, 2D cameras looking inward.

This conference reviews the state-of-the-art & trends in this exploding 3D technology, including remarkable devices & facilities. It explains how this technology is revolutionizing content production for cinema & VR. One can indeed begin to envision the volumetric capture of, e.g., a movie set and a soccer match, and each viewer, typically through a VR headset, moving around the recorded scene, perhaps in real-time.


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