VR & AR are game changers for the real-estate (RE) industry, where 95% of people now search for properties on the Internet. If you are in RE, you must embrace XR to create new value for your business & remain relevant. In RE, XR saves time and money, builds instant emotional connections & sense of ownership, and provides global reach.

This Thematic Conference is for those selling & renting properties. It covers the following “virtual” uses. Showcasing, based on 360° captures, providing virtual visits, guided or interactive. Staging, allowing empty properties (especially new ones) to be shown furnished.  Architectural visualization, from CAD models, for properties not yet built. Instructions to tenants, short & long-term. Commerce, allowing people to try furnishings and to buy them instantly online.

International companies may find it strategically useful to sponsor/adopt this innovative, straight-to-the-point conference.

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With a nominal duration of 1.5 hour, and with presentations and a panel by a handful of world experts, this short & dynamic professional conference will efficiently bring you up to speed on this theme and its opportunities.

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The detailed program will be available here this summer. Stay tuned.

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