Augmented Reality can change AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) and other sectors of industry 4.0. The key and the remaining challenge are to register real & virtual worlds automatically and reliably.

In AEC, AR is a powerful tool perfectly matched to new BIM (building information modelling) processes: AR tablets/headsets can be connected to evolving models via the cloud/IoT (in & between offices & job sites); AR can be used to communicate with clients & on-site crews, and to enable brainstorming between designers, even far apart. Other use cases in industry are design (to superpose a car model to a real car and to sit in it), production (to give assembly instructions), maintenance & repair (to similarly guide), distribution (to assist workers in moving in a warehouse & “pickers” in finding objects).

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With a nominal duration of 1.5 hour, and with presentations and a panel by a handful of world experts, this short & dynamic professional conference will efficiently bring you up to speed on this theme and its opportunities.

Chairperson: Claudine Bon (Skywin, Belgium), Pouyan Ebrahimbabaie (University of Liège, Belgium), & Jacques G. Verly (University of Liège & Stereopsia, Belgium)


- Experiences around smart glasses - Gerrit Spaas (Trivisio, Luxembourg)
- Developing tomorrow’s AR solutions using today’s technology - Suresh Sharma (ATG Europe, The Netherlands)
- Three case studies on the use of AR for worldwide sales, mass customization, and manufacturing - Lex van der Sluijs (TWNKLS, The Netherlands)
- Why model tracking is the future of industrial AR - Harald Wuest (Visometry, Germany)
- AR- and VR-based training for Industry 4.0 - Thierry Frey (EON Reality, France)
- Is the Construction sector ready for AR/VR adoption? - Benoit Parmentier (Belgian Building Research Institute, Belgium)
-Intro to XR4ALL, the brand-new EU H2020 project for boosting XR tech in Europe.

Panel discussion and Q&As

With all speakers above.

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