Break Down These Walls - A social XR fest by VRROOM and Stereopsia


Stereopsia and VRrOOm joined forces to offer an alternative solution to social distancing and help our fellow Earthlings break down the walls of confinment. 

Launching on 30 March 2020 at 2pm PST, the Break Down These Walls festival aims to give people all around the world the mental escape they crave for; hence, the end date is not set, as it will last until the Covid-19 pandemic is under control. Besides screening new VR films and 3D movies every day, the audience will have the opportunity to meet the creators directly inside VR on the day their work is showcased, between 4pm and 5pm GMT, to accommodate with most time zones.

Making people forget about their daily worries and overcome these challenging times is the main objective of the ‘Break Down These Walls’ Festival, and there also will be nonstop dance parties at the lower floor of the virtual space.

The festival will also happen simultaneously on the VRrOOm Social XR cultural hubVRChat and the VRrOOm XR Festivals app, offering the audience a program including one VR film and one 3D movie per day for the duration of the lockdown, enjoyable in 6DoF social XR via PC and PCVR (including Quest + Link) and/or in 3DoF on mobile VR and all types of headsets (excluding Quest).



How to access the ‘Break Down These Walls’ Festival

A) 3DoF access via mobile phones, tablets, mobile VR and PC VR headsets:

B) 6DoF access via PC, laptops (excluding Mac), all types of PC VR headsets, and Quest + Oculus Link*:

1 - You already have an account on VRChat:

  • Launch the VRChat app or the Steam app and click on VRChat-Play
  • Log in
  • Click on Esc and click on Worlds < New Worlds
  • Search VRrOOm and click on it
  • Then, have fun and explore.

2 - You don’t have an account yet on VRChat:

  • Install Steam
  • Go to and download VRChat
  • Create a profile & confirm email address
  • Launch the VRChat app or the Steam app and click on VRChat-Play
  • Log in
  • Click on Esc and click on Worlds < New Worlds
  • Search VRrOOm and click on it
  • To move, use your mouse and “A” and “W” keys
  • To talk to others, press the “V” key.
  • To access the menu (invitations, settings, etc.), press Esc.
  • Then, have fun and explore.

-For better audio, please make sure you have your earphones.
-For better audio and image, please make sure your wifi is stable and powerful.
-For Quest users, it’s possible that a lot of the people around you will have robot avatars, as the Quest only allows you to see Quest-optimized avatars.
-If you are lucky enough to own several headsets, prioritize the higher-end PCVR equipment for optimal experience.
-It is possible to have group-viewing. The easiest way to do it is to (1) make friends on VRChat, and (2) send an invitation to your friends.
-Unfortunately, Mac doesn’t support most VR apps except if you can operate under Windows…K
-Keep in mind that this event is in streaming mode, so don’t expect to have the same image-quality of 360 films as in real-life events.
-To make friends on VRChat, please check out:

*Access with Quest alone allows to meet people and attend DJ parties, but won’t work for 360 films screenings.

Content creators

Please fill in and send us the information sheet & film file to Alexandra if you'd like to be part of the first "Break Down These Walls" festival!
Ideally, please kindly upload your film on a YouTube channel and send us the embed link for the Social XR platform in 6DoF AS WELL AS the film file direct download link (Google drive, or We transfer) for the XR Festivals platform in 3DoF.


START: Monday, 30 March 7PM.

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Special thanks to our sponsors and partners