7 December - 4:40PM

Don't miss the notorious Randal Kleiser's presention on Directing in VR, and some behind-the-scenes from his 12-part 360°, stereo-3D series DEFROST.


Directing in VR

Using his 12-part 360°, stereo-3D series DEFROST as a case study, Hollywood film director Randal Kleiser will illuminate the creative and technical challenges in creating narrative in this new medium. As background, earlier projects will be discussed, such as a 4D Theme Park attraction for Disney parks and a full scale Improvised Explosive Device simulator for the US Army.  For DEFROST, he will answer the questions:  How do you use the technical restrictions to tell a story? What are the differences in directing feature films and VR? What challenges do actors face? How is special sound used to enhance the experience? What obstacles came up that could never be predicted? In this untested field, how do you keep the budget under control? What can possibly go wrong? What are the current challenges in exhibition?  What can this type of project teach us about perception and the brain? This presentation will include clips and visuals to illustrate these topics.

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