XR in 2019: the year in review, and a sneak peek at 2020

So, that was 2019, another year of exciting innovation with new XR breakthroughs in hardware, augmented storytelling, spatial computing, and the sounds of 3D audio. But who and what stood out amongst the masses, and with 2020 less than three weeks away, will this new, magical year of high tech live up to all the stats and hype around new consumer behavior, slick gadgets, and more? Sit back and enjoy the year that was, and what’s to come, as Muki Kulhan–Executive Producer, Creative Technologist, XR4ALL Ambassador, and Chair of the XR4ALL “XR for music & broadcasting” Special Interest Group (SIG)–unpacks the best of 2019 and gives a sneak peek at what’s to come in 2020. 

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