Launch of the call for content

18 May 2019

End of call

30 September 2019

3D projections and VR demos

12-13 December 2019

Awards Ceremony

13 December 2019

On behalf of the Advanced Imaging Society based in Hollywood, CA, Stereopsia organizes - for the 8th consecutive year -  the competition for the “Lumiere Awards” for the territory consisting of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).
You'll find here the call for entries and regulations. Later on, the nominated contents and program of screenings will appear here.
The best contents will receive a golden Lumiere statuette during the remarkable regitration-only Awards dinner on 13 Dec.


Best 360 Linear Film
  • Daughters of Chibok
    Production: VR360 Stories (Nigeria)
  • Dreams of Blue
    Production: WIDE VR (France)
    Co-production: Hive Division (Italy)
  • Ex Anima Experience
    Production: ATLAS V (France)
  • Feast of Food
    Production: INVR SPACE (Germany)
  • Isle of the Dead
    Production: Les Produits Frais (France)
Best VR Documentary
  • 2nd Step
    Production: Faber Courtial (Germany)
  • A Bar at the Folies-Bergères
    Production: IKO (France)
  • A Ride in 2049
    Production: Expanding Focus (Germany)
  • Home After War
    Production: NowHere Media (Germany)
  • The Wings of Mosul
    Production: TARGO & Konbini (France)
Best VR Achievement
  • 7 Lives
    Production: RedCorner (France)
    ​Co-production: a_BAHN (Luxembourg)
  • Battlescar – Punk Was Invented by Girls
    Production: ATLAS V (France)
    Co-production: Fauns (France)
  • Claude Monet – The Water Lily Obsession
    Executive producer: Lucid Realities (France)
    Co-producion: ARTE France, Camera Lucida productions, Musées d'Orsay et de l'Orangerie, Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion (France&Germany)
  • Gloomy Eyes 
    Production: Atlas V (France)
    Co-production: 3DAR (Argentina)
Best Interactive VR
  • A Fisherman’s Tale
    Production: Innerspace VR (France)
  • A Song Within Us
    Production: Digital Rise (France)
    Co-production: Serendipity (Taiwan)
  • Doctor Who: The Runaway
    Production: Passion Animation Studios (United Kingdom)
    Co-production: BBC (UK), Passion Paris (France)
Best Educational VR
  • Memoria: Stories of La Garma
    Production: Morena Films (Spain)
  • The Holy City
    Production: Holy City VR (Israel)
    Co-production of Blimey and OccupiedVR (Canada)
  • The Scream
    Co-production: Cinétévé Experience (France) et Arte France
Best Immersive Sound
  • -22.7°C
    Production: Diversion Cinema (France)
  • Living Pages
    Production: BRUITS (Belgium)
    Co-production: Saoi Media (Ireland)
Best VR Stereography
  • Ayahuasca – Kosmik Journey
    Production: Atlas V (France)
    Co-production: a_BAHN (Luxembourg)
  • Mechanical Souls
    Production: Digital Rise (France)
    Co-production: Serendipity Films (Taiwan), DVgroup (France)
  • Mindpalace
    Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg (Germany)
  • Whispers
    Production: WIDE VR (France)
    Co-production: Centrala Distribution (Poland)
Best 3D
  • D-Day: Normandy 1944 – Seize and Hold Carentan
    Production: N3D LAND Films (France)
  • The Mystery of Dragon Seal
    Production: Corporation Russian Film Group (Russia)
    Co-production: Stereotec (Germany)
  • The Queen’s Corgi
    Production: nWave Pictures (Belgium)
  • Transient
    Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg (Germany)

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