Rafael PAVON

Atlas V

Rafael is Creative Director and Producer at AtlasV, one of the bravest and most awarded immersive studios in the world with pieces such as Spheres, Gloomy Eyes, Battlescar, or Vestige. Rafael started as Director and Creative Director for virtual reality in 2015 at VR studio Future Lighthouse, where he worked on 30+ VR productions from idea to delivery, creating award-winning original content from scratch, like Melita and Ray, and also working with partners like Sony, Oculus and HTC on projects like Campfire Creepers. He then lead the creative department at Disney-backed company Jaunt in London and worked as freelance immersive director for the World Monuments Fund.


  • The Booster
    11 December 2019 - 12 December 2019 - 13 December 2019 -

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