Alexandre Regeffe


After twenty years of managing post production services for television, Alexandre REGEFFE acts today as a Cinematic VR specialist. He is the Co-founder and CTO of NEOTOPY, a Paris-based Cinematic VR production studio where he handled various types of projects. Last year Alexandre decided to embrace another challenge: the creation of RSHIFT. Based in Paris, France, RSHIFT is a company dedicated to providing Cinematic VR services for producers, brands and other VR studios and works on projects like PSG VR EXPERIENCE, DS PERFORMANCE E-FORMULA, AMAZON WAREHOUSES... In Vancouver, Canada, Tobias CHEN is extending the RSHIFT network as an immersive media consultant. From shooting to post-production, consultancy or training, Alexandre and the RSHIFT team is ready to handle all technical aspects of your projects with a unique combination of skills and tools.


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