Stereopsia innovates once again by bringing you this year the first European AR festival, organized with the support of VRrOOm, and called “Surreal” as a double allusion to Brussels being the land of surrealism, and AR being a surreal overlay of the virtual on the real. The breadth & depth (of course) of the festival’s creative artefacts will dazzle you.

The potential of AR in radically transforming many aspects of our lives far surpasses the one of VR. With our smartphones predicted to be replaced by AR-capable smart-glasses, and with spatial computing & AR cloud and 5G being on the real horizon, AR is poised to be a major technology of the on-going digital revolution.

Through the partnership with VRrOOm, we wish to demonstrate the diversity of AR applications & art forms, and to sensitize both the professionals & the general public to the growing importance of AR and, more generally, of immersion/XR.


  • A#3 Motu/Biface (France)
  • AR Streaming Sport Channel (France)
  • Bois Jacques (France)
  • Digitalis (France)
  • Dimension of Heroes (United States - Out of competition)
  • East of The Rockies (Canada - Out of competition)
  • Enter the Room (France)
  • Invitation au Voyage : Escale (Belgium & France)
  • Laura Rizzotto’s Holographic Performance (United States - Out of competition)
  • Le Sommeil (France)
  • Neon Wasteland (United States - Out of competition)

Discover more on the Stereopsia/VRrOOm line-up here

Special thanks to our sponsors and partners