Stereopsia has partnered with the Swapcard app. Get access to the event content and connect with the right people in advance.

Before the event
  • Check out the exhibitors, speakers, program, sponsors...
  • See who's coming and start requesting private meetings
  • Highlight conferences and socials you want to attend
  • Set up your personal profile (what people will see when they scan your badge on site)
During the event
  • Scan people's badges with the app and get their complete profile (paperless!)
  • Attend pre-organized private meetings
  • Set up more private meetings
  • Private message people via the app
  • Get notifications about the conferences or socials you tagged
After the event
  • Get a complete list of your new friends and when you scanned them
  • Recall who the exhibitors, speakers, sponsors were
  • Recall of the program

Download the app now and start preparing your visit at Stereopsia.


Special thanks to our sponsors and partners