Successful companies sell more than products or services. A well-known computer company sells simplicity; a mythical motorcycle company sells freedom. Such companies understand the power of stories, storytelling, & experience. People tend to remember experiences they had about an event or object, more than what were told about it, such as via publicity. A motto is “brands build experiences; experiences build brands”.

This one-of-a-kind Thematic conference brings you up to speed on the new & exceptional power of immersion/XR for building very positive & memorable experiences for the customer, before, during, & after the sale, thereby maximally encouraging brand adoption & loyalty. With 2 billion smartphones with Augmented reality (AR) capability, via native, social-network, & web apps, AR is today’s Holy Grail for stellar marketing & sales.

International companies may find it strategically useful to sponsor/adopt this innovative, straight-to-the-point conference.







Brand Experience is a type of experiential marketing that incorporates a holistic set of conditions created by a company to influence the feeling a customer has about a particular product or company name.



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