The XR Tech Venture Forum - by Stereopsia, XR4ALL & Tech Tour - is for entrepreneurs, investors (individual, corporate, business angel, or VC), corporates, & other stakeholders interested in immersive-technology products & services, i.e. for VR, AR, MR, XR, 3D/depth, 3D sound, etc.
Entrepreneurs with innovative, mature projects seeking an additional 0.5 to 2 million € to reach market get a chance to pitch them to a jury made up of the above investors, corporates, and other stakeholders, and these get a chance to invest in young companies likely to become the next multi-million €/$ market leaders in the booming area of immersive technologies.
The forum works as follows: (1) all participants register/apply through the forum’s platform; (2) the organizers screen the projects, and the jury members select the best ones; (3) the selected entrepreneurs pitch their projects in front of the jury, and benefit from One2One meetings with the jury members during Stereopsia.

Special thanks to our sponsors and partners